The BEST Position to Last Longer in Bed

Last Update August 26th, 2016 There are some positions which will make you come faster during sex.

Then, there are some positions which will make you last longer AND increase the pleasure your partner receives.

One of the most common positions used right now by billions of people in the world is Missionary.

Missionary position

Missionary is the tired and true position used since a long time ago because it was seen as “not dirty” to certain religions.

If we really think about what sex was used for by old cultures and humans, it was mainly for reproduction and to not “sin.”

These days, sex is more about pleasure and connecting with our partner in ways we can’t without sex.

We should not stick to old ideas which only make our problems worse, and missionary is one of those.

Missionary is one of the WORST positions we can do in bed. It creates fatigue fast, doesn’t feel as good for our partner and we just ejaculate too fast.

It’s not your fault that you can’t last as long as you want in bed, it’s actually old ideas that never die. Missionary is the position you should not practice right now.

There are variations on Missionary which you SHOULD do, but we’ll cover those later.

There are many other positions which will help you last longer and be even more intimate with your woman.

While there are many great positions, this is the position I would say is the BEST to last longer with.

At the same time, it will increase the pleasure your partner receives, so she’ll enjoy it more and you’ll last longer, win win situation brah.

The position is simple to do, and usually simple positions are the best for great sex in bed.

The BEST Position to Last Longer

Best position to last longer in bed is spooning

The best position to become an endless man in bed with is the spooning position.

Pretty simple right?

You both lay down, she lays down in front of you.

Make sure there was some foreplay or she is really turned on.

You move yourself sort of angled below her butt so you can thrust and push yourself inside her.

You can lift her leg here if she’s too tight or if you want more control.

It’s good to touch her as much possible here as well, it will real get her turned on more and more when you are touching her breasts, neck, legs, and whatever.

And that’s it. Thrust using the 10 Thrusts technique, pause, relax, keep thrusting.

Advanced Tips

Now if you really want to increase pleasure in your woman.

Rub her clitoris with a well lubed hand (water based lube is best).

The best technique is to rub her clitoris in a continuous motion (up down, left right, AB AB Start select, just kidding).

Do it in circles for 2-3 minutes, up down 2-3 minutes, left right 2-3 minutes, with consistent pressure of your hand.

While you are doing this you can use the 10 Thrusts technique to really give her mind blowing orgasms.

Any time you are near ejaculation, just pause, or pull out for 30 seconds, and keep going. You can keep rubbing or even use your fingers inside her while you gain control of your ejaculation.

It’s always good to change up positions after a while, but the spooning position is a great starter position and even ending position.

When you know you can last longer, you’ll reduce your anxiety and stress and at the same time likely stop your premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Go out and do it tonight and let me know how your results go.

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Premature Ejaculation

How to Be Confident in Bed

Last Update August 26th, 2016 Being able to be confident about something, whether it’s a skill, yourself, sex or whatever, will actually increase your positive results.

This means that if you are confident with your body language or how your life is going, women will be more attracted to you than anything else you can do.

Being confident in the bedroom will also increase the positive results in the bedroom.

If you know the techniques to last longer, and you know you can delay your ejaculation, it will take huge amounts of pressure off of you and in turn increasing how long you last the bedroom.

Being confident that you can defeat premature ejaculation is a huge boost in stopping premature ejaculation, so you will need to take the necessary steps to truly be confident.

If you also know how to help your woman orgasm, it will take a huge amount of pressure of your shoulders of worrying if she liked your session of sex or not.

Skills to be Confident

What we all need to learn to be confident in bed is the basic skills that will help us last longer in the bedroom.

The first thing you need to learn how to do is the 10 thrusts technique.

With this technique, you will KNOW that you can last as long as you want because you are thrusting in a way that will make you last longer.

It’s very basic, thrust shallow 9 times with half or less of your penis inside your woman.

And 1 long deep thrust with your whole penis inside her.

This technique reduces the urge to ejaculate, because instead of 10 deep thrusts in a row (which is far too much stimulation) you thrust only deep once every 10 thrusts.

Positions for Confidence

Positions are very important, if you can’t handle your woman on top and her random movements, it’s best you use a position which you have control.

Any variation of missionary will do wonders for you.

Best position to last longer in bed is spooning

Another great position that puts you in control is spooning.

This position is basically just like spooning during cuddling; you just enter her from behind while you both lay down on your sides.

If she’s moving too much, grab her hips and stop her.

Confidence comes from knowing you can control her body and your body and stop the movements to stop ejaculation from happening.

Techniques for Confidence

Another huge boost of confidence comes from when you KNOW how to help your woman orgasm.

It’s true, some women fake orgasms, so you will need to do your best to know when a real orgasm happens for her.

Communicate with her, and have her show you what she does or what you can do to help her orgasm faster.

What hand movements, what thrust techniques.

If she doesn’t know this, you can start doing things that generally give most women orgasms.

The easiest one is rubbing her clit with a well-lubed hand while your thrust.

You’ll need a position where you can reach around, but when you combine the rubbing with thrusting, orgasms will happen within minutes.

Figure out what gets her to orgasm the fastest and biggest, and work around that, just don’t repeat the same thing over and over, it gets boring for her.

Knowing skills and techniques that help you last longer and help your woman orgasm faster builds true confidence, there is no real way around it.

These are vital skills that you need to know as sex becomes more and more liberal, women will start demanding men with skills. And if we don’t have the skills, they’ll go out and find another guy who has them.

Just knowing this stuff will put you ahead of over 95% of guys.

I teach all the necessary skills in the Endless Man Formula:

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Premature Ejaculation

5 Biggest Mistakes That Cause Premature Ejaculation

Last Update August 26th, 2016 There are many factors that cause premature ejaculation.

Many of them are not very difficult to cure.

This is important to know because we feel like it’s a difficult and impossible problem to cure premature ejaculation.

It’s not your fault for thinking it’s impossible to cure. We’ve actually been lied to by the doctors, media, movies, and porn.

The main problem I find with doctors is that they want to fix the symptom of our problems, instead of curing the ACTUAL problem itself.

If we go to the doctor and the doctor finds high cholesterol (which by the way is set by the drug companies who sell drugs to reduce cholesterol levels) they will likely prescribe pills for us that help lower our cholesterol.

Disclaimer: None of this is medical advice nor is it professional advice, these are just my opinions, consult a GOOD doctor before starting any exercise program, diet, or changes in medication.

The problem here is the pills are unnatural and many “high” cholesterol levels defined by doctors are actually just fine.

We can eat 4 eggs a day, including the yolk, and be just fine. Our bodies produce more cholesterol than the eggs we consume, and the nutrients we get from the yolk are better for us to have than not have because of the cholesterol.

Cholesterol eaten in the right amounts, at the right times can dramatically boost your sex drive, we’ll talk about that in another article.

The reasons the doctors prescribe the drugs is because they don’t make money if we eat better and exercise.

They make money from the drug companies for promoting those drugs.

A problem occurs with the pills they give us to cure premature ejaculation and to stop erectile dysfunction.

These pills work temporarily, and over time it requires MORE pills to get the same effect until they stop working completely.

There is no magic pill to fix premature ejaculation problems.

There are natural ways to fix these problems, and I’ll teach you those below.

Honestly, it’s not your fault, other than doctors, we have been lied to by a lot of people, even our friends.

The best thing we can do right now is take the necessary steps to cure our premature ejaculation naturally, easily, and quickly.

Lets cover the biggest mistakes that cause premature ejaculation and steps you can take TODAY to start lasting longer in bed.

Biggest Mistake #1

Ejaculating and not ejaculating is sort of like a muscle.

We can train it so we can be stronger and stop the urge to ejaculate.

The thing is, we usually skip this part because it requires effort.

What we can train is our sensitivity, our penis’ sensitivity to touch and sensation.

Even before and during sex, we have to train our sensitivity every time until we have full control of our ejaculation.

The best thing you can do right now to train your sensitivity during sex is what I call the 10 Thrusts technique.

Here you basically thrust to a count of 10, the first 9 thrusts are shallow, half or less of your penis enters your partner.

On the 10th thrust, you thrust deep, and repeat the 9 shallow thrusts again with the deep 10th thrust.

What this does is reduce friction on the head of your penis, the most sensitive ejaculation causing part.

This technique also increases the pleasure your partner receives because the shallow thrusts tease her and the deep thrust will just blow her mind.

Biggest Mistake #2

Depending on what positions we use during sex, can determine how long we last during sex.

spooning position cure premature ejaculationThe absolute worse position to practice is Missionary Position.

The reason this position is the worse is because it requires balancing ourselves on our arms and sometimes legs and causes fatigue in us, which in turn makes us ejaculate faster.

What you can do is use what I think is the best position to reduce how fast you ejaculate

The position to use would be the spooning position.

It’s sort of like cuddling spooning, but instead you’ll enter her from behind instead of just holding her.

Use this technique with the 10 Thrusts technique and you can be Endless if you want to.

Biggest Mistake #3

This is something we usually don’t think about, but it’s vital to our everyday health.

It’s something we do unconsciously.

And if we do it incorrectly, it can take YEARS off of our lives.

It’s breathing.

The way we breathe before, during, and after sex is very important to how long we can last in bed.

If we breathe in short shallow breathes, we won’t last as long.

If we breathe in deep long breathes, that’s one of the main keys to curing premature ejaculation.

The technique I recommend is using the 10-1-10 breathing technique before and even during sex.

You basically breathe in for 10 seconds through your belly (expanding, making it bigger).

Hold for 1 second.

And breathe out for 10 seconds flattening your belly.

Repeat this 10 times before sex, and oxygen will flow through your body, into your blood stream, and in effect calm your nerves and body down so you last longer during sex.

Biggest Mistake #4

This is something that is also unconsciously done by our brains.

We don’t mean to do it, but we do it anyway and it really reduces how long we can last in bed.

The pressure we place on ourselves in how we perform during sex can be super intense.

This pressure will also make us last shorter because pressure during a performance can easily crumble our confidence, and in turn our subconscious brain listens to this voice telling us to ejaculate faster because we need to get it over with before we embarrass ourselves further.

The best thing to do with pressure is similar to breathing, just use the 10-1-10 breathing technique.

You use it during and before sex, and it will calm you down letting pressure off of you.

Biggest Mistake #5

Remember how we talked about the doctors before?

That’s the biggest mistake we do to try to cure our premature ejaculation.

We try to use a magic pill that is a false cure for our problem.

There is truly no magic pill, but there are easy, fast and natural ways I listed above which will help you last longer in bed.

The best thing to do with false cures is to get rid of them.

Start taking an approach to your body that your body is valuable and it’s worth putting in a few minutes a day to make sure your bedroom problems are gone.

If you really want some more in-depth information about these 5 deadly mistakes and how you can last longer, go ahead and put your email in the box below, and click the Get 5 More Tips To Last Longer button. I’ll send you 5 FREE in-depth presentations covering these topics and how you can last longer in bed.

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Go out and practice the cures for these 5 biggest mistakes that cause premature ejaculation, and let me know how it goes.

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Last Update August 26th, 2016 

In this presentation, you will learn why some of your favorite positions are actually causing your premature ejaculation. I’ll also show you some super advanced techniques to increase amount of orgasms your partner feels and at the same time making you last longer.