How To Thrust to Increase Pleasure In Your Partner and How Long You Last

Last Update August 26th, 2016 Did you know you can thrust in a way that will not only increase how much pleasure your partner receives (she’ll love it), but also make you last longer?

Using this method of thrusting is very important in curing premature ejaculation. It may also help stop erectile dysfunction because you’ll KNOW that you won’t ejaculate early so you take pressure off yourself to perform.

Both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are caused by pressure we or others place on ourselves. It’s mostly something we personally make ourselves feel bad about, when we shouldn’t worry about it.

Now, on to the thrusting technique. Right now most us are thrusting in a way which is very repetitive. The reason we do this is because no one taught us different.

Sex is taboo for a lot of people, and when we talk to friends, we only talk about if we hit it or not. We don’t really get great advice from our dads or moms, so we’re left to do what we see on TV or movies.

In the movies, they just thrust continuously, and that’s just not right. That’s not how endless men do it.

Well, now you’ll find out that the normal way of thrusting many of us do is actually very boring for our partner, and one of the main reasons why we come too fast.

The continuous in and out motion of thrusting that we do puts too much stimulation on the tip of our penis. The tip of our penis is our most sensitive spot and too

Thrust in a way to Increase Pleasure and Last Longer

much stimulation here causes us to ejaculate faster.

Also, our partner doesn’t receive much pleasure from just in and out thrusting, we don’t really hit her G-spot and her clitoris usually doesn’t get rubbed by our in and out motion.

The in and out thrust we do is also VERY predictable, so she doesn’t anticipate what we’ll do next. It doesn’t excite her as much as it use to, because now she knows what will happen.

We might wonder to ourselves what we are doing wrong, we did it before like this and she liked it before…

Well remember this, if we expect different results from doing the same thing over and over, we are insane. We need to do something different to get different results.

I want to show you this special technique, taught for thousands of years in Taoism and Tantra. Taoism and Tantra are very sexual practices and have existed for thousands of years, so this stuff works, you just gotta give it a go.

10 Thrusts Technique

The technique I want to introduce to you today is called the 10 Thrusts technique.

You will use it while having sex with your partner and you are in control of the thrusts, usually you on top.

Instead of just going in and out, in and out, you will thrust 9 times shallow, where half or less of your penis goes inside your partner.

In and out 9 times shallow.

On the 10th thrust, you go deep and out, and repeat the 9 shallow thrusts again.

Now repeat the deep thrust again after the 9th shallow one.

You can count out in your head, don’t count out loud.

Do this throughout sex, and it will make your partner cringe for the deep long thrust.

The reason this increases pleasure in your partner is that a lot of pleasure for women comes from anticipation and surprise.

She doesn’t know when your deep long thrust will come, and her body will cringe thinking about it, and when it comes, it feels good for her.

You’ll last longer because instead of giving your whole penis sensation, you only put half sensation on your penis most of the time. The tip also doesn’t rub against her insides as much, so less stimulation on the tip, means you will last longer.

Continuous deep thrusts make us ejaculate faster, and we don’t want that.

Advanced Tips

You can use this throughout sex, it’s ok to slow down and speed up during your thrusts, you should vary your thrust speed to increase excitement more in your partner.

Now to mix it up more and even give more pleasure to your partner, you can do random continuous deep thrusts.

So lets say you thrust shallow 4 times, than thrust deep 4 times and shallow again 9 times. You could also mix up the deep thrust in 5 shallow thrusts, 1 deep thrust, and 5 shallow thrusts.

Just mix and match thrusts in random ways that you can handle without coming.

One of the best positions you can do this in is spooning position. When you mix the 10 thrusts with this position, your partner will have mind blowing orgasms. You’ll feel them.

The more random you make it, the more your partner will scream…

In pleasure that is.

Go out and use this 10 thrusts techniques tonight and let me know how it works for you.

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