The Different Missionary Position Variations To Last Longer

Last Update August 26th, 2016 There are different missionary positions variations that will make you last longer and make your woman orgasm faster.

Plain old missionary is one of the worst positions for a man. Because of what missionary does to our bodies, it makes us ejaculate faster than we want.

It fatigues us, makes us tired, and when we’re tired, it makes it very difficult to hold in our ejaculation.

You might not know this but depending on how “tired” you are controls when you ejaculate. It really does, it’s not a conscious idea, and just something our bodies are programmed to do.

The reason our bodies are programmed to do this, it dates back to the cave man years. Think about it, if we were too tired from sex, how would we survive if a saber tooth tiger attacks?

Our bodies use fatigue and being tired as a way to make sure we ejaculate, and ejaculation itself is an energy-draining thing too.

So the faster we ejaculate, the faster we get our energy back, and we are able to survive longer.

Now let’s get back to missionary position. It’s an old position, made popular by religions and culture because it was the least “dirty” position.

Back then, oral sex was seen as a dirty and nasty thing as well. Do you like blowjobs from your woman? Well just remember that years ago it was “dirty” to do and people didn’t do it very much if at all.

Why are we still using missionary as the “normal” position? Well, it’s because we’ll usually do what we see, and missionary is something taught to us to do because it’s “clean.”

Here is an example. A young daughter watches her mom cut off the ends of a ham and put it in the oven.

She asks mom, “why did you cut off the ends of the ham?” She asks her mom this because there is enough room in the oven for the ends of the ham.

Mom says, “Because this is how your grandma did it when I was growing up.”

They both decide to go ask why grandma, who is in the other room, why she cut the ham ends off before putting in the oven.

Grandma says, “Because there wasn’t enough room in the small oven!”

We repeat a lot of behaviors our parents, and older people say or mention to us without really knowing why and at the same time, when it is of no benefit to us.

This is really what missionary position is in our lives, an old relic being repeated because it’s all we were taught.

The Variations

This is the basic missionary position. Missionary position

We know why it’s bad so lets get to the good variations.

The first variation is very easy to do.

It’s called the improved-pressure missionary variation.

You get into normal missionary position.

Now you straighten your legs, and move a few inches forward.

Keep your knees off of the bed; remember your legs are straight.

Now your “main” movement here is sort of a grinding move. You move in circles with your hips, up down and left right as well.

Imagine as if you were connected to her clitoris, just keep grinding and moving like this.

That’s basically it. The reason why you last longer in this position is because the most sensitive part of your penis, the tip of your head, is not being stimulated as much.

And your woman orgasms faster because she receives direct clitoral stimulation from your grinding, and your movements.

Improved-Angle Missionary

This position changes the angle at which you enter her and the way you are when facing her.

To get into this position, you will need 2 pillows under her back, moving her up at least around 6 inches off the bed.

You’ll kneel and have her rest her butt on your legs, and she can support herself with her feet.

She can also change it where she pulls her knees to her chests, one of these positions will feel more comfortable for her.

You enter her from this position and thrust.

It’s kind of like you are sitting on your lower legs, knees facing her.

The improved angle of entry, where she is elevated off the bed, makes it easier for you to control yourself, and your body fatigues less.

You may have to do this position a lot to get your legs use to it, but it works out great.

The Advanced Variations

Now the advanced variations aren’t exactly one type of missionary position change, just rule of thumbs and experimentation by you.

Here are the flexible rules.

If you have a bed high enough to stand up and have her lay down on the side of where you can enter her, do it. Stand up, have her on the side of the bed, or table or whatever is high enough where you don’t have to bend your knees.

Now, put a pillow under her back/butt. This will angle her, if she’s too high, stand on something or remove the pillows.

Now, you are facing her, you enter her.

Grab her legs, and this is where the variation comes in.

You can push her legs to her chest.

Push them together.

Spread them apart.

Point them straight up and push them together (makes her tighter and she feels more).

Just vary how you have her legs, and vary your positions.

You should be doing the 10 thrusts technique during all these different variations as well.

And that’s it, the different variations of missionary will help you last longer and also help her orgasm faster.

Missionary is a relic of the past, it’s ok to do once in a while, but you gotta spice things up to keep sex exciting in the bedroom.

Go out and do one of these variations and let me know how they go.

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