Mistakes You Unconsciously Make That Causes Premature Ejaculation

Last Update August 26th, 2016 Understanding the root mistake we make that causes our premature ejaculation is key to curing premature ejaculation.

It’s something so simple, but we purposely choose to ignore it because we might think that we already have it “handled.”

We’ve already learned how to do this, and control this, but we take it for granted and it affects our daily lives. It determines how much energy we have in a day, it determines how we perform under stress, and it just determines nearly everything we do in a day.

The very biggest truth about “learning” anything is this:

[quote style=”boxed”]When we truly learn something, our behavior changes.[/quote]

It’s true, we learn things all the time and say, I already know that, but knowing is only half, and the rest is changing a behavior.

What I’m about to teach you might seem easy do and silly, but it’s very important to learn and change your behavior around this if you want to last longer in bed.

The key to everything we do in life from the moment we can breathe inside our mother’s womb is breathing.

Breathing is the source of life, and if we stop for too long, we lose our life, it determines so much, yet we take it for granted.

What we need to do is learn to take conscious control of our breathing, and premature ejaculation will slowly wash away, and other problems we experience in our life will also get better and disappear.

The reason breathing is important when it comes to lasting longer in bed, has to do with our brains, and our heart rate.

There is a trigger in our brains that tells us to ejaculate if our heart rate is too high and we are too excited.

If we breathe deeply, our heart rate goes down and excitement goes down as well.

There are many reasons why our brains do this though the most important thing we can do is take conscious control of our breathing to slow down our heart rate.

Take Control of Your Body

I use a very simple technique that makes breathing conscious in my daily life, and you should start using it as well.

It is a simple technique you can use during sex as well to calm down and last longer.

I call it the 10-1-10 breathing technique. breathing correctly cures premature ejaculation

You can do it anywhere, and anytime, just get in the habit of breathing like this once in a while.

First, you inhale air through your stomach for 10 seconds in your nose (not your chest like we make it a habit of).

Then you hold for 1 second.

Then you exhale air through your stomach through your nose/mouth for 10 seconds.

You repeat this 10 times.

If you use this before ANY stressful situation, such as before sex to prevent premature ejaculation or a speech or whatever, it will calm down your nerves and you WILL perform better in whatever you are doing.

The main goal of this exercise is to get you conscious of your breathing.

We spend a lot of our day breathing through our chests, though that’s the worse thing we can do.

Take conscious control of your breathing and breathe through to your belly and in your nose.

Do this every day when you wake up, anytime during the day, and before you sleep.

Just make breathing more conscious for you.

Personally as I write this, my breathing rate is really slow and deep instead of shallow and fast.

Let me know how this goes for you.

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Last Update August 26th, 2016

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