Step 2: Stop Weird New Age Techniques

tongueroofmouthYou probably heard about this technique somewhere like I did. I read it on a reputable website. Supposedly if you stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth when you are near ejaculation it’s suppose to decrease your urge to ejaculate.

Having tried that many times, it didn’t work, and in fact made things worse! Only until I started studying the complete technique of the tongue to the roof, did it actually start working!

This is a VERY old technique, and it’s been proven to work for thousands of years, none of those new age things.

Basically what happened when someone wrote this “helpful” article about the tongue technique is they probably heard about it from someone else… and the other person probably only knew 10% of the whole process, and then the article writer… put 5% of it in.

The technique can DELAY your ejaculation within seconds. You have to do it the smart way… we’ll cover that in a minute. And what’s wonderful is that it takes you from near ejaculation back to pleasurable sex within seconds. We’ll cover more details on the next page.