Premature Ejaculation

Q&A: When a guy doesn’t ejaculate, how does he know when he has an orgasm?

Last Update August 26th, 2016

”When a guy doesn’t ejaculate, how does he know when he has an orgasm?” -Stephen


The short answer:

Orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing.

The longer answer:

A man can ejaculate without an orgasm and can orgasm without ejaculation.

It’s that feeling of pleasure split seconds before the ejaculation AND the spasms that happen after ejaculation that is an orgasm, that feeling can be replicated without ejaculating so a man can have multiple orgasms and have sex longer.

The orgasm also kind of resets your urge to ejaculate and can reduce the sensitivity of ejaculating.

Enough orgasms

The orgasm can cause you to go soft, it’s normal, you’ll actually be hard in no time because orgasm alone doesn’t take away your desire to have sex. Think how women can have sex after they have one orgasm.

Going soft is generally a condition response from ejaculating over the years, with enough conditioning in reverse, you can have an orgasm while thrusting and staying hard to keep going as long as you want.

To train your ability to separate your orgasm from your ejaculation requires the ability to control your ejaculation.

There is no trick to controlling your ejaculation, it’s a set of defined steps a man goes through.

Start with these 5 tips to lasting longer they are on the path to the multi-orgasmic man.