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Q&A: Can you tell me how to last very long when having sex?

Last Update August 26th, 2016

Can you tell me how to last very long when having sex?” – Tbag


To last longer during sex so you and your partner can have mind blowing sex boils down to a few simple things.

It’s basically a formula I like to call the Endless Man Formula.

The formula basically goes like this:

  1. You must practice the right deep breathing technique
  2. You must eat the right foods to boost your testosterone
  3. You must condition your body and penis to last longer
  4. You must stop looking at porn
  5. You must masturbate in a way that promotes longevity
  6. You must use the right techniques during sex
  7. You must truly be in the moment during sex

Pretty simple right? Maybe.

It’s a list of 7 things and remembering them one by one is difficult.

It’s very important to spend your time making these into habits so you don’t need to think of them during the moment.

They become something you do automatically.

I’m sorry to say that if you think you’ll start lasting 30 minutes longer over night, it won’t happen.

But once you start “passively” by habit doing these 7 things, you’ll literally last as long as you want.

How do you develop these into habits?

I’d recommend spending one week at a time cultivating a habit alone, and adding a new habit along side of it after each week.

This is the accelerated method to developing habits and something I teach in the Endless Man Formula.

It’s a bad idea to practice more than one habit at a time BUT if you practice habits in such a way that makes it something you do automatically, you can STACK your habits and last as long as you want.

That’s the problem I’ve found in anything about lasting longer in bed.

Too many techniques to remember and too many pills to take that only last temporarily.

Best Technique To Start

The best thing you can do right now to start lasting longer, is practice your breathing technique.

Once you get that down, move on to the other 6 steps and keep making it a habit.

It’s generally easier to stop multiple bad habits at the same time and only developing 1 habit at a time.

Devote yourself to creating positive habits, you’ll see amazing results in bed and in life.