How To Turn Her On – Tell Her What To Wear


In this video you are going to learn how to turn a woman on by telling her what to wear on a date. Many women spend a ton of time getting ready and if you can make it easier for her by telling her what to wear, she’ll appreciate it in a good way.

Also the intrigue of what you are exactly telling her to wear can turn her on pretty well.

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How To Turn Her On – A Date That Turns Her On


In this video you are going to learn how to structure your date in way that turns her on from the beginning.

Many times we do a date in such a way that it has the opposite effect.

Watch this video to find out how to make a date that turns your woman on.

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How To Turn Her On – Body Language To Turn Her On


In this video, you’ll learn how to turn her on with your body language. Women are far better than men at reading body language and our bodies deliver a huge amount of our message to how we will be in bed.

Watch today to learn how to make your body language in a way to start attracting women without any effort.

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How To Turn Her On – Be Her Rock Emotionally So She Can Feel Safe


In this video, you’ll learn how to turn her on by being her rock in life. For women, emotions are a rollarcoaster ride and many men go along for the ride. This turns her off completely. What you need to do is be her rock and allow her emotions to be chaotic while you bringing her back to where you are – which is consistent.

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How To Turn Her On – Taking Control To Turn Her On


Last Update August 26th, 2016 In this video, you’ll learn how to turn her on by taking control in a way that turns her on instinctively. Many men let women have control and many women take control out of habit – though if you take control in a way that she NEEDS you to do, she’ll be turned on.

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How To Turn Her On – Saying No In The Right Way


Last Update August 26th, 2016 In this video, you’ll learn how to say no in a way that will turn her on. Many men don’t say no and if they do, say it incorrectly where it offends their woman. Watch this video and learn to say no in the right way to turn your woman on.

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1 Easy Technique To Stop Your Ejaculation While It Happens

Last Update August 26th, 2016 One of the keys to curing premature ejaculation, so that you can last as long as you want in bed and stop worrying about how long you last, are simply learning specific techniques that stop your ejaculation while it’s happening.

One of these techniques is very simple to do, and with a little practice, you can start using it right away to delay and stop your ejaculation all together.

This specific technique I’ll show you has been used for thousands of years in Taoism, which is a religion originating from China. While I’m not telling you to follow this religion, the religion has so many sexual practices that millions, if not billions of people have used for thousands of years.

There is a certain tipping point for a man to be endless or not last longer than a few seconds or minutes. Our penis needs a specific amount of stimulation and delayed ejaculation to truly become endless. Million Dollar Spot, Stop Ejaculation

Basically, if you can delay your ejaculation and stop it multiple times in one session, you’ll get to a point where you lose the urge to ejaculate and you are still into having sex with your woman.

This technique helps you reach that tipping point where your body loses the urge to ejaculate, and you can sort of command your penis to ejaculate or give it specific stimulation that makes you want to ejaculate.

There is a specific part of your body that your semen/ejaculate passes through. If you “plug” this specific area on your body, it will literally delay your ejaculation.

Even pushing this area before ejaculation can make your body lose the urge to ejaculate.

The Million Dollar Spot

It’s a very powerful spot on your body, and once you learn the correct timing and correct pressure of pushing, you’ll be able to last longer.

This spot, called the perineum, is located below your testicles but above your anus hole. Also known as the Million Dollar Spot.

In between your testicles and your butthole, if you push on this specific spot before and during ejaculation, it will delay and many times stop your ejaculation before it happens.

It’s very important you strengthen your PC muscles; as they are required and help you stop your ejaculation more if you have greater control over your PC muscles.

To find the spot, it’s basically between your testicles and anus as mentioned before. When you push it correctly there should be an indentation. You will need to push specifically with your finger up to your first joint during masturbation or sex. You also need to flex your PC muscles at the same time as you are pushing on the spot.

The amount of pressure you will use will differ, just don’t push too hard, but hard enough to stop your ejaculation from flowing through the spot. It should not hurt when you push on this area.

The Million Dollar Spot can be used before ejaculation to reduce the urge to want to ejaculate, during ejaculation to stop ejaculation, and during intercourse so you don’t need to pull out of your woman when you are close to ejaculating.

It will take a little practice to push the right spot, some men describe when they push it that they slightly lose part of their erection and the danger of ejaculating is reduced a lot.

If you can master this spot on your body, you can stop premature ejaculation in its tracks.

Go out and use this technique today and practice during masturbation and sex, and you’ll start seeing results as soon as you pin point your correct spot. Let me know how it goes for you.

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Premature Ejaculation

How to Be Confident in Bed

Last Update August 26th, 2016 Being able to be confident about something, whether it’s a skill, yourself, sex or whatever, will actually increase your positive results.

This means that if you are confident with your body language or how your life is going, women will be more attracted to you than anything else you can do.

Being confident in the bedroom will also increase the positive results in the bedroom.

If you know the techniques to last longer, and you know you can delay your ejaculation, it will take huge amounts of pressure off of you and in turn increasing how long you last the bedroom.

Being confident that you can defeat premature ejaculation is a huge boost in stopping premature ejaculation, so you will need to take the necessary steps to truly be confident.

If you also know how to help your woman orgasm, it will take a huge amount of pressure of your shoulders of worrying if she liked your session of sex or not.

Skills to be Confident

What we all need to learn to be confident in bed is the basic skills that will help us last longer in the bedroom.

The first thing you need to learn how to do is the 10 thrusts technique.

With this technique, you will KNOW that you can last as long as you want because you are thrusting in a way that will make you last longer.

It’s very basic, thrust shallow 9 times with half or less of your penis inside your woman.

And 1 long deep thrust with your whole penis inside her.

This technique reduces the urge to ejaculate, because instead of 10 deep thrusts in a row (which is far too much stimulation) you thrust only deep once every 10 thrusts.

Positions for Confidence

Positions are very important, if you can’t handle your woman on top and her random movements, it’s best you use a position which you have control.

Any variation of missionary will do wonders for you.

Best position to last longer in bed is spooning

Another great position that puts you in control is spooning.

This position is basically just like spooning during cuddling; you just enter her from behind while you both lay down on your sides.

If she’s moving too much, grab her hips and stop her.

Confidence comes from knowing you can control her body and your body and stop the movements to stop ejaculation from happening.

Techniques for Confidence

Another huge boost of confidence comes from when you KNOW how to help your woman orgasm.

It’s true, some women fake orgasms, so you will need to do your best to know when a real orgasm happens for her.

Communicate with her, and have her show you what she does or what you can do to help her orgasm faster.

What hand movements, what thrust techniques.

If she doesn’t know this, you can start doing things that generally give most women orgasms.

The easiest one is rubbing her clit with a well-lubed hand while your thrust.

You’ll need a position where you can reach around, but when you combine the rubbing with thrusting, orgasms will happen within minutes.

Figure out what gets her to orgasm the fastest and biggest, and work around that, just don’t repeat the same thing over and over, it gets boring for her.

Knowing skills and techniques that help you last longer and help your woman orgasm faster builds true confidence, there is no real way around it.

These are vital skills that you need to know as sex becomes more and more liberal, women will start demanding men with skills. And if we don’t have the skills, they’ll go out and find another guy who has them.

Just knowing this stuff will put you ahead of over 95% of guys.

I teach all the necessary skills in the Endless Man Formula:

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The Different Missionary Position Variations To Last Longer

Last Update August 26th, 2016 There are different missionary positions variations that will make you last longer and make your woman orgasm faster.

Plain old missionary is one of the worst positions for a man. Because of what missionary does to our bodies, it makes us ejaculate faster than we want.

It fatigues us, makes us tired, and when we’re tired, it makes it very difficult to hold in our ejaculation.

You might not know this but depending on how “tired” you are controls when you ejaculate. It really does, it’s not a conscious idea, and just something our bodies are programmed to do.

The reason our bodies are programmed to do this, it dates back to the cave man years. Think about it, if we were too tired from sex, how would we survive if a saber tooth tiger attacks?

Our bodies use fatigue and being tired as a way to make sure we ejaculate, and ejaculation itself is an energy-draining thing too.

So the faster we ejaculate, the faster we get our energy back, and we are able to survive longer.

Now let’s get back to missionary position. It’s an old position, made popular by religions and culture because it was the least “dirty” position.

Back then, oral sex was seen as a dirty and nasty thing as well. Do you like blowjobs from your woman? Well just remember that years ago it was “dirty” to do and people didn’t do it very much if at all.

Why are we still using missionary as the “normal” position? Well, it’s because we’ll usually do what we see, and missionary is something taught to us to do because it’s “clean.”

Here is an example. A young daughter watches her mom cut off the ends of a ham and put it in the oven.

She asks mom, “why did you cut off the ends of the ham?” She asks her mom this because there is enough room in the oven for the ends of the ham.

Mom says, “Because this is how your grandma did it when I was growing up.”

They both decide to go ask why grandma, who is in the other room, why she cut the ham ends off before putting in the oven.

Grandma says, “Because there wasn’t enough room in the small oven!”

We repeat a lot of behaviors our parents, and older people say or mention to us without really knowing why and at the same time, when it is of no benefit to us.

This is really what missionary position is in our lives, an old relic being repeated because it’s all we were taught.

The Variations

This is the basic missionary position. Missionary position

We know why it’s bad so lets get to the good variations.

The first variation is very easy to do.

It’s called the improved-pressure missionary variation.

You get into normal missionary position.

Now you straighten your legs, and move a few inches forward.

Keep your knees off of the bed; remember your legs are straight.

Now your “main” movement here is sort of a grinding move. You move in circles with your hips, up down and left right as well.

Imagine as if you were connected to her clitoris, just keep grinding and moving like this.

That’s basically it. The reason why you last longer in this position is because the most sensitive part of your penis, the tip of your head, is not being stimulated as much.

And your woman orgasms faster because she receives direct clitoral stimulation from your grinding, and your movements.

Improved-Angle Missionary

This position changes the angle at which you enter her and the way you are when facing her.

To get into this position, you will need 2 pillows under her back, moving her up at least around 6 inches off the bed.

You’ll kneel and have her rest her butt on your legs, and she can support herself with her feet.

She can also change it where she pulls her knees to her chests, one of these positions will feel more comfortable for her.

You enter her from this position and thrust.

It’s kind of like you are sitting on your lower legs, knees facing her.

The improved angle of entry, where she is elevated off the bed, makes it easier for you to control yourself, and your body fatigues less.

You may have to do this position a lot to get your legs use to it, but it works out great.

The Advanced Variations

Now the advanced variations aren’t exactly one type of missionary position change, just rule of thumbs and experimentation by you.

Here are the flexible rules.

If you have a bed high enough to stand up and have her lay down on the side of where you can enter her, do it. Stand up, have her on the side of the bed, or table or whatever is high enough where you don’t have to bend your knees.

Now, put a pillow under her back/butt. This will angle her, if she’s too high, stand on something or remove the pillows.

Now, you are facing her, you enter her.

Grab her legs, and this is where the variation comes in.

You can push her legs to her chest.

Push them together.

Spread them apart.

Point them straight up and push them together (makes her tighter and she feels more).

Just vary how you have her legs, and vary your positions.

You should be doing the 10 thrusts technique during all these different variations as well.

And that’s it, the different variations of missionary will help you last longer and also help her orgasm faster.

Missionary is a relic of the past, it’s ok to do once in a while, but you gotta spice things up to keep sex exciting in the bedroom.

Go out and do one of these variations and let me know how they go.

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Mistakes You Unconsciously Make That Causes Premature Ejaculation

Last Update August 26th, 2016 Understanding the root mistake we make that causes our premature ejaculation is key to curing premature ejaculation.

It’s something so simple, but we purposely choose to ignore it because we might think that we already have it “handled.”

We’ve already learned how to do this, and control this, but we take it for granted and it affects our daily lives. It determines how much energy we have in a day, it determines how we perform under stress, and it just determines nearly everything we do in a day.

The very biggest truth about “learning” anything is this:

[quote style=”boxed”]When we truly learn something, our behavior changes.[/quote]

It’s true, we learn things all the time and say, I already know that, but knowing is only half, and the rest is changing a behavior.

What I’m about to teach you might seem easy do and silly, but it’s very important to learn and change your behavior around this if you want to last longer in bed.

The key to everything we do in life from the moment we can breathe inside our mother’s womb is breathing.

Breathing is the source of life, and if we stop for too long, we lose our life, it determines so much, yet we take it for granted.

What we need to do is learn to take conscious control of our breathing, and premature ejaculation will slowly wash away, and other problems we experience in our life will also get better and disappear.

The reason breathing is important when it comes to lasting longer in bed, has to do with our brains, and our heart rate.

There is a trigger in our brains that tells us to ejaculate if our heart rate is too high and we are too excited.

If we breathe deeply, our heart rate goes down and excitement goes down as well.

There are many reasons why our brains do this though the most important thing we can do is take conscious control of our breathing to slow down our heart rate.

Take Control of Your Body

I use a very simple technique that makes breathing conscious in my daily life, and you should start using it as well.

It is a simple technique you can use during sex as well to calm down and last longer.

I call it the 10-1-10 breathing technique. breathing correctly cures premature ejaculation

You can do it anywhere, and anytime, just get in the habit of breathing like this once in a while.

First, you inhale air through your stomach for 10 seconds in your nose (not your chest like we make it a habit of).

Then you hold for 1 second.

Then you exhale air through your stomach through your nose/mouth for 10 seconds.

You repeat this 10 times.

If you use this before ANY stressful situation, such as before sex to prevent premature ejaculation or a speech or whatever, it will calm down your nerves and you WILL perform better in whatever you are doing.

The main goal of this exercise is to get you conscious of your breathing.

We spend a lot of our day breathing through our chests, though that’s the worse thing we can do.

Take conscious control of your breathing and breathe through to your belly and in your nose.

Do this every day when you wake up, anytime during the day, and before you sleep.

Just make breathing more conscious for you.

Personally as I write this, my breathing rate is really slow and deep instead of shallow and fast.

Let me know how this goes for you.

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