How To Have Orgasms and Stop Ejaculation At The Same Time

Last Update August 26th, 2016 Did you know orgasms and ejaculation are two completely separate things?

You can orgasm without ejaculating, and you can ejaculate without orgasm.

You’ve likely experienced both of these things, but thought they were both a fluke.

Well, to be honest, they are not flukes, they exist and if you learn how to control your ejaculation, you can experience several orgasms during 1 session of sex.

We’ve been taught by culture, by friends, by TV, by movies, that if we “came” sex was over.

“Come” or “Came” are really just a combination of ejaculate and orgasm. You’ll see me personally separate orgasm and ejaculation when it comes to presentations and articles talking about coming.

They are two different things, and should be treated differently.

Now, you might question if it is even possible that they are separate. They are.

An orgasm happens seconds or milliseconds before ejaculation. This is difficult to separate because we’ve spent all our lives associating the feeling of an orgasm when we ejaculate.

You’ve likely already experienced this before.

Think back to a time where you had immense amount of pleasure but didn’t ejaculate.

You could feel the pleasure, it was very similar to ejaculating, but nothing came out. After this you could keep going, and going until you did ejaculate and orgasm again.

Also think about the times when you ejaculated and didn’t feel an orgasm. You’ve been sitting and wondering why it didn’t feel good right? Why it didn’t feel like you had an orgasm, even though you just ejaculated.

If we learn to take control of our ejaculation, we can make orgasms happen multiple times during 1 session of sex.

Honestly, it takes a lot of work to do, and if you go out and try to learn it yourself, it will take you YEARS instead of months or weeks to master this.

The very first thing that needs to happen before you can separate your orgasms and ejaculation is that you need to be an endless man in bed.

You have to be able to last for as long as you want and choose to ejaculate when you want, not when your body wants.

You will need to learn the Endless Man in Bed Formula that I teach.
Be an Endless Man in Bed
This Formula, takes all the steps needed to achieve being Endless in Bed and will let you have multiple orgasms during sex.

Now, lets get to what you can start doing today that will help you have orgasms without ejaculating.

The biggest thing you need to do today is to masturbate without ejaculation.

Stop at least 20 seconds before you are going to ejaculate, stop moving, stop sensations, and if you are viewing porn (which I recommend against 100%) stop watching the porn at the moment.

Start masturbating again when you feel the urge to ejaculate has stopped.

Now keep reducing the amount of time before you ejaculate where you stop.

So, stop 15 seconds before ejaculation, and start again when you are ready.

10 seconds before ejaculation, and start again when you are ready.

Keep going until you tip over the edge and ejaculate.

Keep doing this practice, even if you ejaculate, at another time, you will slowly be able to separate both sensations in your brain.

While you keep practicing this stop start technique, you will orgasm without ejaculating a few times before you ejaculate.

After you learn the Endless Man in Bed Formula, than you’ll be able to stop your ejaculation all together and experience the orgasms you’ve only dreamed of.

Use the 10 Thrusts technique, if you want to practice the stop start technique during sex. The 10 thrusts technique can keep you from going over the edge and keep your partner on edge on what to anticipate what you are doing next.

The great thing about having multiple orgasms before ejaculation, is that when you do ejaculate, it’s going to be huge and feel great. Also if you separate your ejaculation and orgasms, your premature ejaculation will be gone.

Go out and practice this and let me know how it goes for you.

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